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Bem Vindo!

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04 fevereiro 2012

postheadericon Air - Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Electronic / Ambient


Quality: VBR
Year: 2012
For Fans Of: Air and Alessandro Barico, Massive Attack, Death In Vegas
01. Astronomic Club
02. Seven Stars
03. Retour Sur Terre
04. Parade
05. Moon Fever
06. Sonic Armada
07. Who Am I Now
08. Deollage
09. Cosmic Trip
10. Homme Lune
11. Lava

Size: 62Mb

postheadericon The Fray - Scars and Stories

Alternative Rock


Quality: VBR
Year: 2012
For Fans Of: OneRepublic, The Script, Lifehouse
01. Heartbeat
02. The Fighter
03. Turn Me On
04. Run For Your Life
05. The Wind
06. 1961
07. I Can Barely Say
08. Munich
09. Here We Are
10. 48 To Go
11. Rainy Zurich
12. Be Still

Size: 82MB

postheadericon A Place To Bury Strangers - Onward to the Wall

Rock / Shoegaze


Quality: VBR
Year: 2012
For Fans Of: My Bloody Valentine, The Raveonettes, The Vandelles
01. I Lost You
02. So Far Away
03. Onwards to the Wall
04. Nothing Will Surprise Me
05. Drill It Up


Size: 34MB

postheadericon Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth



Quality: VBR
Year: 2012
For Fans Of: David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Ratt
01. Tattoo
02. She's the Woman
03. Your and Your Blues
04. China Town
05. Blood and Fire
06. Bullet Head
07. As Is
08. Honeybabysweetiedoll
09. The Trouble With Never
10. Outta Space
11. Stay Frosty
12. Big River
13. Beat Workin

Size: 98Mb

postheadericon Various Artists - Underworld: Awakening

Rock / Alternative

Quality: VBR
Year: 2012
For Fans Of: Linkin Park, Flyleaf, The Naked & Famous
01. Evanescence - Made Of Stone (Renholdër Remix)
02. Lacey Sturn of Flyleaf - Heavy Prey (Feat. Geno Lenardo)
03. Linkin Park - Blackout (Renholdër Remix)
04. The Cure - Apart (Renholdër Remix)
05. Stella Katsoudas Of Sister Soleil - Killer & a Queen (Feat. Geno Lenardo)
06. Ministry - Watch Yourself (Renholdër Remix)
07. Lacuna Coil - Trip The Darkness (Ben Weinman Remix)
08. The Naked and Famous - Young Blood (Renholdër Remix)
09. Black Light Burns - It Rapes All In Its Path
10. William Control - The Posthumous Letter
11. Civil Twilight - How'm I Supposed to Die
12. & Sons - Consolation Prize
13. 8MM - Liar (Revenant Mix By 8MM)
14. Ryan T.Hope of the Lifeline - You Won't See The Light (Feat. Geno Lenardo)
15. Combichrist - Bottle Of Pain
16. Collide - Intruder
17. Justin Lassen - Exit Wounds (Feat. Silent Fury) (Justin Lasse Remix)

Size: 145Mb
26 dezembro 2011

postheadericon Coheed and Cambria - Playlist: The Very Best Of

Progressive Rock


Quality: VBR
Year: 2011
For Fans Of: The Prize Fighter Inferno, Shabutie, 3
01. Welcome Home
02. Here We Are, Juggernaut
03. Devil In Jersey City (Clean Edit)
04. Feathers
05. The Running
06. Pearl Of the Stars
07. The Suffering
08. Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)
09. A Favor House Atlantic
10. Everything Evil
11. No World For Tomorrow (Live)
12. Blood Red Summer
13. In Keeping Secrets Of Silent earth: 3
14. Wake Up (Acoustic)

Size: 129Mb

postheadericon Anthony Green - Beautiful December

Acoustic / Alternative


Quality: 160kbps
Year: 2011
For Fans Of: Circa Survive, Audience Of One, Good Old War
01. Get Yours While You Can
02. Moon Song
03. When I'm On Pills
04. James Song
05. Love You No Matter What

Size: 36Mb

24 dezembro 2011

postheadericon Los Campesinos! - Hello Sadness

Indie Pop


Quality: VBR
Year: 2011
For Fans Of: Johnny Foreigner, Architecture In Helsinki, Copy Haho
01. By Your Hand
02. Songs About Your Girlfriend
03. Hello Sadness
04. Life Is A Long Time
05. Every Defeat a Divorce (Three Lions)
06. Hate for the Island
07. The Black Bird, The Dark Slope
08. To Tundra
09. Baby I Got The Death Rattle
10. Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt. II

Size: 84Mb

postheadericon Chevelle - Hats Off to the Bull

Alternative Rock / Post-Grunge


Quality: VBR
Year: 2011
For Fans Of: 10 Years, Staind, Deftones, Cold
01. Face to the Floor
02. Same Old Trip
03. Ruse
04. The Meddler
05. Pinata
06. Envy
07. Hats Off To The Bull
08. Arise
09. Revenge
10. Prima Donna
11. Clones

Size: 84mb

postheadericon Metallica - Beyond Magnetic

Heavy Metal


Quality: VBR
Year: 2011
For Fans Of: Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Pantera
01. Hate Train
02. Just a Bullet Away
03. Hell and Back
04. Rebel Of Babylon

Size: 66Mb